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Foreign Trust Reporting

This can create an unexpectedly high tax rate and penal tax charge. Importantly, a foreign non-grantor trust is a good example of the US’s disliked at any kind of foreign entity that can create referral for a US taxpayer. Therefore, penal tax regulations and penal tax rules can apply where a US person is deemed to have received income and gains generated in a year before the benefit is being received.

A rule similar to the rule of paragraph shall apply for purposes of this paragraph. any person who is related (within the meaning of section 643) to any grantor, owner, or beneficiary of the trust.

A foreign trust is defined as a trust which was created and is supervised by a foreign person or institution. A domestic trust is defined as a trust over which a US court has primary supervision with at least one US Person who has a substantial amount of control over the decisions made for said trust. For the purpose of this article, the term US Person refers to any US Citizen or Green Card Holder, US Corporation, US Partnership, or US Estate. Non-grantor trusts are not generally subject to U.S. tax, unless the trust earns U.S. income.

A trust is a separate legal entity or arrangement typically used for family and estate planning purposes. Trusts allow assets to be held by an entity, other than a natural person, with an indeterminate life. Accordingly, trusts are often used to hold property and facilitate a transfer of such property to beneficiaries without the need for probate proceedings. A taxpayer will not have reasonable cause merely because a foreign country would impose a civil or criminal penalty on the trustee for disclosing the required information.

The Form 1041 must be filed with the Philadelphia Service Center . If the district director determines that the failure was due to reasonable cause, the district director may grant the trust an extension of time to make the necessary change. Whether an extension of time is granted is in the sole discretion of the district director and, if granted, may contain such terms with respect to assessment as may be necessary to ensure that the correct amount of tax will be collected from the trust, its owners, and its beneficiaries. If the district director does not grant an extension, the trust's residency changes as of the date of the inadvertent change.

However, before the four-year exemption time limit is up, the settlor must elect for the trust to become a complying trust or serious adverse tax consequences occur. For example, your capital in a trust can become taxable on distribution if the migration process is not completed in a complying fashion. Migrants seeking to utilise foreign trust structures must take specific individual advice from a qualified professional in this regard and follow it carefully. If you’re interested in setting up a trust for your child or spouse, you should discuss your wishes with an experienced estate planning attorney, like those at the Tax Law Office of David W. Klasing. Otherwise, continue reading for an overview of some different IRS reporting requirements that apply to foreign trusts in 2019.

Several other special rules, generally of an "anti-abuse" nature, were added to the Code by the 1996 Small Business Act. These include the rules pertaining to the treatment of loans from foreign trusts, found in section 643, and those pertaining to distributions through "intermediaries" found in section 643. Thus, any capital gains accumulated by a foreign trust for distribution in a later taxable year lose their character and are treated as ordinary income.
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